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Gifts of Meaning


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Gifts of Meaning


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Gifts of Meaning

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You may call your best friend, bestie, BFF, or soul sister, but no matter the term of endearment, if you want a beautiful, emotional, and heartfelt gift for your best friends then we have the most gorgeous options. There are two that are special prints exclusively for friends which are: To My Best Friend and Fabulous Friend. These capture those magical, intangible little things that count in life and in such important best friendship. 

All of our gifts for best friends are inspirational, spread kindness and positivity, to show how you feel. We are inspired by happiness and joy, spreading love and kindness and our customers are too. Even though the special person in your life may know how you feel, affirmation is always beautiful – and your friend can be constantly reminded of your unique connection and how special they are by having the print next to a bedside lamp, on a coffee table or perhaps on their work from home desk.  

Quite a few. For your Best Friend Gift there is the To My Best Friend print, and then the Fabulous Friend Print. In addition, you can also share one of the many others as a gift for your best friend like Always Here which is more focussed on mindfulness and you being there for them, and then there is something for beautiful new beginnings, the New Beginnings print for when your bestie takes steps into a new chapter. 

Here are our written words for the Best Friend, Fabulous Friend and Always Here Word Prints

Best Friend

You are a beautiful soul, utterly fabulous, You have a magical energy and a delightful madness, And I love you for it all

Our friendship must’ve been written in the stars, As I can’t imagine being on earth without you, My life is fuller and more colourful because of you, Our connection as kindred spirits is unique

We laugh until we shake, Find strange things funny, And not-funny-things hilarious

You understand the real me and I the real you, You help me to believe in the best version of me, And all versions of you are beautiful 

You have a generous heart, give so much of yourself, And you give the best advice, I know I can always count on you, And you can always count on me

A million moments stitched together, With trust, a zest for life, and song lyrics, Songs I hear take me to a moment we shared, And remind me we are witnesses to each other’s lives.

You’re inspiring and bring love and light wherever you go, Please stay in my life forever, Thank you for beautiful you

Fabulous Friend

You are kind, considerate and fabulous. You always have time for others and are incredibly thoughtful. You are interesting and interested, amusing and easily amused, unpretentious, and perceptive. Your heart is always in the right place, and you see the good in everyone. You have a beautiful soul. I want to let you know I think you are an all-around wonderful human being.

We’ve had amazing times together packed with loads of laughter, and I look forward to many more magic-filled moments. My life is fuller and more colourful because of you. It feels like we were already long-lost friends who finally met. We have serious conversations and also talk nonsense, and no matter how much time we spend together, we never seem to run out of things to say. I have a feeling it will stay this way. Thank you for your friendship; it means the world to me. 

Always Here

You are loved so much, You mean the world to me and I will always be here for you

You are not alone; I will walk this journey with you, I am here – to take your call, your text or a visit, We can also just sit together, without talking

You are a unique and beautiful soul, Remember you never need a reason to reach out, I’ll be there for you at any time without judgement 

You are stronger than you know, Don’t forget how far you’ve come, There will always be good days ahead

You have my unconditional love and support, You matter to me and I’m so proud of you